Tower Bridge, London

This tour will include the Tower of London, an imposing fortress consisting of 22 towers, some of which are more than 900 years old. Used in the past as a Royal palace, the Mint, an observatory and even a menagerie, the Tower today houses a collection of Royal jewellery guarded by the Yeomen of the Guard. You will have an opportunity to admire the world’s biggest diamond Cullinan I, the legendary jewel Koh-i-Noor, the Stuart sapphire, all of which adorn the royal regalia. The Tower is guarded by ravens looked after by a special warden the Ravensmaster. The Yeomens of the Guard still reside in the fortress, sometimes meeting ghosts, and take part in all royal ceremonies. We will walk around the grim place of execution of no less than three queens, and an axe and a scaffold will remind you of those times when monarchs were fighting for the English throne.

Стражник в крепости Тауэр в Лондоне
The Tower of London tour
The Tower of London tour
A Tour to Wonderland with Alice
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