Ready-made itineraries

Most people coming to England for the first time want to see the well-known and important sites that they have already seen on film or read about. Different people have different interests, but there are some significant images that will be familiar to you from school, from the TV or from a leaflet you have read. I have a great deal of experience in providing itineraries of the famous sites you expect to see – with perhaps a few unexpected ones!

Why use a ready-made itinerary?

  • They are convenient for those who need to see as much as they can in a short vacation – these schedules are designed with optimal logistics in mind, allowing you to see as many as possible of the country’s historical sites in a day, three days, or a week. This will suit you if you do not want to spend too much precious time on forums, reading guidebooks and scrutinizing maps of London.
  • They make it easier for teachers to plan excursions to England for school groups during the holidays, or for travelers who want to add a pre- or post-cruise tour or add an English sector to a trip to Scotland.
  • If you have been tasked with drawing up a program of visits – cultural, touristic or leisure – for a company’s conference or incentive trip, I’ve already done most of the work for you. And I know what pressure this can put you under: in situations like this, I understand that you’ve probably been told to have it ready “by yesterday”!

With the help of a professional guide, you can create a tailor-made itinerary using parts of ready-made ones by modifying them: adding different museums and other attractions, finding solutions to transport, hotel and dining queries, sorting out entrance tickets.

London in three days: you can do it!

We sometimes say that you only need to take three iconic London photos to trigger memories of your trip: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Tower Bridge. But if you want to spend longer, or if you find that your plans have changed, your stay can become much richer. On this page you’ll find links offering options for a few days here in England. These are all itineraries that have received positive feedback from those who have already visited us here on the banks of the Thames.

Perhaps there is something, some place, you have dreamed about since childhood. Perhaps there is somewhere – a building, a museum, an interest, a town – that is important to you, and that is significant to what you love doing, your family history, your job, your passions.

Remember that these itineraries are only a starting point for discussing your trip. All tours, all visits are individual. These are just frameworks to help you arrange the museums, the castles, the palaces, and the walks in the best order.

More detail – in English and Russian – is available by clicking on these buttons:

If you need any more information, please use the contact form to write to me.

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