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My name is Liudmila Saburova and I am a Russian-English speaking, certified Blue Badge Guide: providing informed guided tours around London and Britain – the country which I have grown to both love and to know and the country which I also now call my home.

From an early age, I have made the study of the British way of life, culture and etiquette my personal interest and definitive subject of research and in 1992, I had the unforgettable pleasure of coming to Manchester; in the capacity of a group leader, which was my first ever, visit to the UK.

Upon our arrival, in Manchester, one of the local papers immediately despatched a journalist to come and visit us, as we were the very first group of people to visit Manchester from, what was then, the USSR and the resulting, humorous article caused quite a stir, because up until that point “Manchurians” had only ever really heard about us “Russkies,” on TV.

You may find this historic article below.

I have been working in the travel industry for the greater part of my life and in 1992; shortly after the collapse of the USSR, I founded my own travel agency, from where, I organised international travel trips – for people from all walks of life, in the country which had now become Russia.

Thus, after seventy years of having had an iron curtain wrapped around us, us (former) Soviet people were now free to travel…to wherever we desired and whenever we desired to do so.

Some years later, I was invited to work in the state energy sector, where I spent several, and very successful years working with some of Russia’s top businesspersons as their personal overseas events and business meetings organiser – arranging things from flights, to hotel bookings, overseas conferences/seminars and visa requirements – as well as the supervising of the accurate translating of important business and legal documents, from our various translations departments.

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Liudmila Saburova - tourist guide in England

However, virtually every spare moment of my free time was devoted to the study of British history, the culture and the etiquette of its people and their traditions; because I knew that one day I would be living there. That was always my game plan – my motivation to study everything I ever could about Britain.

Upon finally moving to Oxford: some two years later, in 2012, I became the proud holder of the coveted “Blue Badge Guide Certificate” and its accompanying badge – having completed a very in-depth and intensive two year study course.

Over the many years, spent in the travelling and excursions business sectors: I have worked with Olympic teams, individual businesspersons (male and female), as well as entire families from all walks of lives and professions: including people who are merely staunch admirers of Britain and of the British etiquette of “tea time.”

My credo is Variety and Enlightenment

Therefore, should you desire something completely different…something completely different to the rather usual, pre-programmed timetabled and apathetic, run-of-the-mill excursions and to have, instead, an unforgettable time; leaving you with unforgettable memories, and pictures! – to acquire an enlightening, in-depth knowledge of the history of places, times and events, both in and around London…the why’s and the wherefore’s…? Then let me, Liudmila, take you by the hand and lead through the streets of London and beyond. Let me enlighten you.

Blue badge of tourist guide

Blue Badge Guide certification

Blue Badge Guide certification is the official top qualification for guides in Britain. Only the certificate holders have a right to guide excursions in Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle and other objects of interest. We know all the safety requirements and are always ready to help in an extraordinary situations that, albeit rarely, but do happen.

We study thoroughly the history of British monarchy and art, have all the information on the recent events in museums and theatres of Britain, we know how to plan an interesting route both for a group of school children and for a family that decided to spent several days off in the most vibrant city in the world.

You can find more about our certificate and rules, our fees and code of conduct on the webpages of the three official guiding organizations in England

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