The British Museum, London

The British Museum is the collection of nearly 7 million exhibits, opened for the public in 1759. It is one of the largest museums in the world, showing artefacts of human civilization from its early origins. The Rosetta stone, which made it possible to read hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt, Romans’ silver treasures, mummies and marble frieze from the Greek temple of Parthenon complement statues of pharaohs and Assyrian rulers, samples of the ancient Indian culture and jewellery of the Middle Age. All this and more will be shown to you in their splendour. You will see the Lewis chess figures which brings to mind the Harry Potter stories, and admire the graceful curves of the Great Court Roof by Sir Norman Foster, which protects us from the ever-changing British weather. You also may be interested to visit the former British Library where Carl Marx and Vladimir Lenin used to work, now transformed as a space for temporary exhibitions.

The British Museum - main hall
Британский музей - Месопотамия Ламассу
Британский музей - Месопотамия Ламассу
The British Museum tour
The British Museum tour in London
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